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Old 04-02-2006
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Default Forum Rules—Rev. 1/25/2011

Welcome to the Ultimate Collectors’ Forums!

Please take a moment to read the rules. Failure to comply may result in your banishment from the forums.

User Registration

1) E-mail Addresses
You must supply a valid e-mail address. An e-mail containing an activation link will be sent to you from our server when you register and you must click on that link to activate your account. Our staff may also use that address to contact you. You will be able to choose whether this address is visible to the other members or not.

2) Usernames
Your username cannot reflect a website, webstore, or eBay username unless you are a UCForums sponsor. Members with usernames we deem questionable will be asked to select a different username. If a new username is not selected, that membership will be closed.

3) Duplicate accounts
Each member may only have one account. If two or more accounts are identified as belonging to the same individual, all will be closed.


1) Language
Please refrain from using vulgar language or profanity. Also, do not post any inappropriate material, such as adult humor or pornography, whether in threads or the Chatbox. This is a family-friendly site and we must keep it that way.

2) Spelling and punctuation
Although we don’t require perfection, please try to spell and punctuate correctly to help others understand your posts. Because this is an international site, we realize not all our members are native speakers of English.

3) No Yelling
Typing in all caps is the Internet equivalent of yelling and as such, it’s rude and highly annoying. Please use normal capitalization.

4) Redundancy
Please do not post redundant threads. Try the search function before posting a new thread—you may find your topic has already been discussed.

5) Posting in the appropriate area
If you want to get a response to your post, people need to be able to find it. So don’t post a question about Star Wars in the Tolkien section, for example.

6) Stay on topic
We know it’s hard sometimes, but if you lead the thread off-course, it becomes useless for its intended purpose. If you have something that’s really good, start a new thread about it—that’s what helps a forum grow!

7) Spamming
No spamming. Period. No one wants to read advertisements.

8) Images
All images must be appropriate for all ages. You may post images either in a thread or in the Gallery, but in the thread only a link will be displayed. This is to ensure rapid load speed for those who don’t wish to see the image and to prevent large images from causing display issues with the forum.

9) Weapon and Armor Retailers
In the past, posting names of retailers other than our forum sponsors was not allowed. Forum sponsors subsidize our forums and therefore deserve something in return. With the dwindling market of our members’ #1 collectible, United Cutlery Lord of The Rings items, the forum rules allow members to post links to other websites to help other members find what they want. Remember, any business you conduct with online retailers is at your own risk—Ultimate Collectors’ Forums accepts no responsibility. Customer testimonials from members are welcome, both positive and negative. Just be constructive and factual.

Ultimate Collectors’ Forums do not endorse eBay but we’re not going to prohibit you from talking about them. Just remember, read the auction listings as well as user feedback.

10.) Posting Links
Feel free to post links to items you are looking at and/or want to buy. You may also post links to pictures, articles, and so forth, as long as they are appropriate for all ages. Be warned, do not post links to websites that can infect users with viruses, trojans, spyware, or any other form of malware, or computer problem.

11) The Chatbox
The same rules apply in the Chatbox as in regular threads. Please do not assume that the spontaneous, off-the-cuff nature of the Chatbox means that the rules do not apply or are more lenient there.

Behavior and Attitude

1) Respect
Treat others as you like to be treated yourself. Be respectful of other members and their right to their opinions even if you don’t agree. Rude, boorish, or obnoxious behavior must be avoided, and threatening, denigrating, flaming, or other abusive behavior is absolutely not tolerated. If you indulge in this, you will be banned.

2) Reviews
We have a section for reviews, but please don’t just bash. You may be dissatisfied with a product or service you received, and in fact, members are interested in hearing about such things, but make your comments in a constructive, factual manner.

3) Opinions
Everyone has them. Feel free to express them but as the above rules have already mentioned, do so in a civil manner. The general rule of thumb is to avoid conversations about religion and politics; everyone has opinions on these and they can be very sensitive topics to many people.

4) Becoming a Moderator
Please do not PM Moderators or Administrators asking to become a Moderator. If need arises to appoint a new Moderator, we will select someone based on the qualities we’ve noted in their posts. In other words, don’t call us—we’ll call you.

5) Problems
If you have a problem with the forum, please let us know in the “Complaints and Suggestions” section. Please do not allow problems to escalate and cause more problems. If you prefer to handle it privately, please send a private message (PM) to a Moderator or Administrator.

6) Signatures
Please restrict your signature to the equivalent of no more than five lines of 12-point text, including blank lines and pictures. Large signatures cause problems with the display of the forum and it’s to everyone’s benefit that this doesn't happen. If your signature is too large, you’ll be asked to reduce it.

Selling and Trading

1) Moderation
All sell/trade threads are moderated. In the past, people have abused the selling/trading area by becoming members just long enough to sell something and then leaving. Therefore, you must have posted a minimum of 25 posts (relevant posts, not just filler) before you can list items for sale or trade. Selling and trading is limited to on-topic items, such as LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, other fantasy items, etc. Do not try to sell off-topic items, illegal items, or potentially illegal items. The forum administrators and moderators are not responsible for sales and trades that fall through. Buying, selling, and trading are at your own risk; therefore, buying, selling, and trading are reserved for long-term, well-trusted members. Any and all posts in the buying and selling section not following these rules will result in the thread being closed.

2) Contact Information
You must provide us with your actual email address from your internet service provider before posting items for sale. Free email addresses (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) are not acceptable for this. You must also send a private message to an Administrator with your personal contact information. In the event of a problem, we can then attempt to mediate the situation. This rule applies equally for buyers and sellers.


1.) Breaking any of the rules will result in a warning, given either directly in the thread and/or in a PM. For example, if a moderator feels a conversation is on the brink of a problem, he may pop in and say “hey guys, let’s cool it down and get back on topic.” Depending on the severity, it may end at that.

2.) Using profanity, off-colored jokes, adult innuendo, and so forth, either in a thread or the Chatbox, will lead to the post being either edited or deleted. If your post is deleted or edited, you will receive a warning in a PM notifying you of the action and hopefully that will be the end of it.

3.) If a moderator finds a thread so off-topic and/or that a “flame war” or argument has taken it over, the moderator may delete all offending posts or simply close the thread.

4.) Repeat offenders will be banned, starting with weeklong bans and followed by longer bans if necessary. If temporary banning does not solve the issues, permanant bans will be issued.

5.) Exceptions to the progressive discipline outlined above: A) spamming and posting (anywhere on our site, whether in chatbox, threads, or PM) links to websites that contain malware, earns an immediate permanant ban; and B) posting links anywhere on our site to websites or pictures that are not of appropriate, such as adult jokes or pornography, will earn an automatic one week ban.

While we greatly appreciate donations to offset the cost of running the forum, making donations does not exempt you from following the same rules as everyone else.

The staff here do not want to have enforce any of these consequences, but will if necessary.

In conclusion....

If you have any questions about the forums, please feel free to send a private message to a Moderator or an Administrator. A list of moderators and administrators is listed at the bottom of the rules.

Thanks for reading the rules, and we hope you enjoy your membership!

The Staff of Ultimate Collectors’ Forums


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Default Re: Forum Rules

Please do not reply to this thread—post your questions under a new topic within this section.

Thank you.
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Old 01-25-2011
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Default Re: Forum Rules—Rev. 1/25/2011

A slight revision of the rules has been made. Please take a moment to read them.

"Olorin I was in the West that is forgotten...."

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Location: Illinois, USA

My Collection: UC LE Anduril, Helm of Sauron, Miniature Shards of Narsil; Noble Collection Miniature Sting, Miniature Anduril, and the One Ring; Danbury Mint Barad Dur and Minas Tirith; Weta Rivendell; plus a whole lotta Sideshow LOTR

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