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Flame of Udun

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  • About Valkrist
    Vancouver, Canada
    UC: Sting & Scabbard, Glamdring with White & Blue Scabbards, Sword of the Witch-king, Ringwraith Sword, Strider's Ranger Sword & Scabbard, LE Shards of Narsil, Narsil, LE Anduril & Scabbard, Hadhafang, Fighting Knives of Legolas & Scabbards, Elven Knife of Strider, Sword of Isildur, MC Sword of Samwise, Sword of Boromir, Sword of Eowyn, Dagger of the Witch-king, Gimli's Battle Axe, Gimli's Bearded Axe, Gimli's Walking Axe, High Elven Warrior Sword, Uruk-hai Scimitar, Herugrim, Orcrist, Elendil's Helm, Gimli's Helm, Sauron's Helm, High Elven Warrior Helm, Gondor Infantry Helm, Isildur's Helm, War Helm of the Witch-king, Sauron's Gauntlet, Staff of Saruman, Staff of Gandalf the White, Staff of Gandalf the Grey, High Elven Warrior Shield, 2nd Age Gondor Shield, MC Sting, Sword of Kili, Sword of Fili; NC: One Ring 18k, Narya, Nenya, Vilya, Ring of Barahir, Fellowship Brooch, Gandalf the White Brooch, Crown of King Elessar, Thranduil's Ring, The Evenstar, Elrond's Headdress, Deed of Contract, Bilbo's Pipe, Aragorn's Pipe, Gandalf's Pipe, Phial of Galadriel, Other: LE Lothlorien Bow of Legolas, Legolas' Archery Bracers, Boromir's Bracers of Gondor, Boromir's Horn of Gondor, Gauntlets of the Witchking, Scroll of Isildur, Thrain's Map, The Key to Erebor, Staff of Radagast, One Ring with Elvish runes and Silver Chain, Thorin's Ring, Redbook of Westmarch, Smaug's Claw, Bilbo's Inkwell, Lembas, Sam's Spice Box, Bilbo's Mithril Shirt, Mirkwood Cell Key, Thror's Ring, Boromir's Shield
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