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06-07-2008, 07:35 AM
Here some palantis :o)

The sellers :

These stoneware spheres are inspired by Tolkien's Palantiri and are suitable for use indoors or out. They can serve as paperweight or a "gazing ball" in a garden, or even a float in a pond. Each is handmade on the pottery wheel and signed on the bottom; no two are alike. They come in three sizes: Small (2-3 inches in diameter), Medium (4-5 in. diameter) and Large (6-8 in. diameter). All sizes approximate.



http://www.turondo.com/potterypix/blackstone.JPG http://www.turondo.com/potterypix/greenstone.JPG


06-07-2008, 10:08 PM
Those are pretty nice. A lot better looking than those shiny glass ones