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05-19-2008, 03:41 PM
Greetings all,

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Website - http://www.khukuripalace.com/

Well - for some reason, i have went into a "khukuri phase" lately. I have ordered a few antique khukuris (more on that later this week) as well as some modern made usable khukuris. For the record, of the 4 modern made ones i ordered, only 1 is mine! :(

So after a lot of research, i found that there are 2 main Nepal based companies that are producing some very decent khukuris for the money - i decided to go with Khukuri Palace due to them having some good deals (coincidently) of the khukuris i had in mind... In addition, their customer service had to be one of the best i have come across in a very long time - with emails being replied to within 24hrs, and very friendly and professional interactions.

What got me started was that one of my good friends is actually getting married next week! (Man, he's making me feel old...). I thought long and hard for a good gift - and figured a khukuri form a Hindu to a Sikh (he's also very interested in bladed weapons) from a guy that he's always known to have basically a mini armoury would have just enough sentiment...lol. So withouth rambling for too long..this is what i ordered:

1) Kothimora 8'' Khukuri:
This basically means "Silver" and stands out as having the scabbard with Silver filigree. These khukuris were given as gifts to retiring Gurkha officers as well as to a groom on his wedding day (lol...now it makes sense, eh?). Besides that, they just look really nice on display. It arrived in very nice polish on both the horn handle as well as the blade. The engravings were done qute nicely (two different dragon scenes on each side of the blade). The silver work was also increadible - one minor area which was not as smooth as the others, but i mean, for under $100, this was easily forgiven! The gentlemen at Khukuri Palace were kind enough to offer a free engraving on a stand that i purchased (for $3) to comemorate my friend's Wedding...

2) Chainpure 10'' Carved Khukuri:
Chainpure is basically a village in Nepal known for their unique khukuris. Their khuks usually consist of a wooden/brass scabbard as well as a "closed notch" near the handle. I also asked for the dragon engraving on both sides of the blade (like the Kothimora) since this would be my dispaly piece. All in all, this khukuri came out better than i expected - i might even like it better than the Kothimora i bought for my friend! The carved wood and matching handle really add uniqueness to my other khukuris and looks great on display...

3) Service No.1 10'' Khukuri:
This type of khukuri is one of the most popular around, as it is the issued khukuri to enlisted British Gurkhas... It has a nice polish both on the scabbard, blade, and handle. It is light, well balanced, and you can see how it can be used as both a tool and weapon! The retail value of such a khukuri (not including the shipping) is under $40 - and i mean, for a usable outdoor knife...you can't beat this khukuri for the money! The deal was that i get this khukuri "free" with the purchase of the Kothimora...so no complaints. Will probably sell this to one of my friends to cover the shipping costs....

4) Jungle 10'' Khukuri:
This khukuri is the one given to trainees as well as a working khukuri. It is the Service No.1 Khukuri, but without the polished scabbard, blade, and handle. It came "free" with my Chainpure khukuri. Will also probably sell this to my friends to cover shipping...

In conclusion:
Well, they seem cheap on the website mainly due to their price ranges. Keep in mind that these are being shipped DHL from Nepal to Canada (for me) and that alone cost roughly $80 (CDN). But when considering that if i sell the two "free" khukuris for say $100 total - that will cover the cost of shipping and duties... where the Kothimora (silver) ended up being $90ish, the Chainpure around $60ish and the two military issue ones about $50 each - that makes them a great deal for a Nepalese handmade khukuri!! I was so impressed with the quality, price, and service from Khukuri Palace that i will not hestitate ordering from them in the near future! In fact, i'm already eyeing a "Regimental Kothimora" and a larger 15'' blade for myself maybe end of this year....

07-31-2008, 11:43 AM
you need to be posting jash:D.you are right they make any knife in a order to do so,combine whit ther own expiriens.ill show you one of my farorite khuks,soon.

08-01-2008, 12:19 AM
Thanks am.dk! I was very happy with the khukuries. When i save up a bit more money, i might have to order a couple more for myself... :)
However, i was sidetracked by "Antique Khukuries" for a while...
Looking forward to seeing your "favourite"!
(btw - nice to see you back!)

09-02-2008, 09:24 AM
:|hey jash,hope you are still around.sorry it took so long to get troug.got new net conection.you now,new compeny takeing over old comperny,and then evrything is going down for a while.:crazy2:.
now however as i promised to show one of my favorit khuks,it is from the new marster class serie.when i first orderd this i knife ,i thougt it whould be in an standerd size,like my other khuks,you know.but what a suprice, this knife was huge,heel man it like a small sword.it a heavy knife ,around 900 gram.folded steel,enuf to cleeve evry wooden sheld in two.well make your own apinion,i aded my mc sting to get the apresion of the size of the khukuri knife.hope you like it:thumbs_up

09-06-2008, 12:11 AM
Wow - that is one nice khukuri am.dk! Good buy!
I like how it is completely different than your standard khukuri - i believe that blade shape is influenced from the "Churi" type blades - but i could be wrong on that...
Either way - that thing is huge! How does it feel in the hand? Well balanced or a lot of tip heaviness?

Steel Dragon
09-06-2008, 11:34 AM
That's a cool website.

Fast moving freak zombies get awful close using Kukri's like in the last Resident Evil. I would probably use a double edged Samurai sword. Definately a cool movie.

09-21-2008, 12:18 AM
Hot girl + 2 Kukris = I'm in love....

02-12-2009, 12:12 PM
oh.sorry i got lost,:(its been awile now.hope your still around.

no there is no hard tip heaviness on this khuk.you have a very good grib on the handel,as it is made a littel longer (bigger),due to the balance of the blade.the knife is ofcause heavy to swing and need ,some muckels and big movements whit your body,like swinging a big sword ore axe.
but the result on impakt, will get you an amassing powerfull, blow and damage on the target.
you will actuly bee surprised,on how much damage the knife is abel to do,compaered whit so littel movement and strengt you need to put in to it.:thumbs_up

still the design of this knife is not a standard khuk.it took 3 weeks before it wass finised.if you are in to khuk knifes i can only reockment this one :D

02-17-2009, 02:41 AM
No Prob! Glad to see you still posting!

Sounds like a good heavy duty khuk - then again, given it's size alone, it's no surprise. So am.dk - which khukuri are you going to buy next??
I'm thinking about ordering a couple for my 2 friends' wedding coming up July/August, and might get another 1 or 2 for myself...don't know which ones yet though...