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05-22-2006, 09:45 AM
i just came bay a new internet shop,that sells, as the only shop in denmark who sells thise khukuri knifes from nepal.
does eny one nows enything about thise knifes ore own one of thise ?.

i am consitering on buying one,they look cool.
they are all handmade and some of the money goes to humanitaian purpes in nepal evry time you buy a knife.

05-23-2006, 01:33 AM
i havent been around the forum for some time now,i have had so mutch work and other things to take care of lately, time is just runnig.
sorry i dident got the link postet in my hurry,so you all can see whot i am talking about.
here is the link http://khukuri.dk i dont now if the web site can be read in englich,but go down to the link calt"vareoversigt" an you will be abel to see all the knifes.
the knifes are hand made,very shape an fully funktionel.and not that expensive.the price for a knife is arond 100$ to 200$.
exept for the gigant khukuri knife ist 500$.
the prices are,whit all includet shiping and taxes.
plees tell me whot you think ore maby now about thise knifes ??.

05-23-2006, 01:49 AM
I will have to reply later when I'm not so tired, but I've done some research into these myself. I love the shape of them and there is also a great amount of history behind them as well as an extensive form of combat.

Unfortunately, the article that I got most of my information from is no longer available on the SFI. Hopefully they will put it back up but if you get a chance, check out this page here: http://swordforum.com/articles/ams.php

As for the quality of them and from the site you posted, I have no idea. I only got so far as the history and then I moved on to other things from that with the idea in mind to come back to it. That never works though. Perhaps we have a khukuri expert lurking on these forums?


05-23-2006, 12:17 PM
i have been talking to the seller of thise knifes.
they told me it is made of kolkata steel,never heard of this before,but whit other words its damascus from india.they are hand made the same way as the knifes wass being made 300 years ago.the handel on thise knifes is made of watterbufallo ore antilope horns,and scaberts also made of high quality wood and watterbufallo leather.:thumbs_up

05-23-2006, 12:48 PM
I took another look at the site and I must say those are, in terms of looks anyways, some of the best I have ever seen! They finish they give to them is great and from what it sounds with the contact you've had, that they put time and effort into their products.

Unfortunately, they don't have an english translation yet so I can only go by the pictures :D If you are seriously thinking about these, then keep me posted as I would love to hear what the final result is.

Also, check out how similar they are in design to Aragorns knife :) I think you'll find where that one was inspired from.

05-24-2006, 12:19 AM
Hey am.dk!
First and foremost...i love Khukri knives! Uumm...i guess most of it has to do with me being of East Indian decent...so it is a part of my history, lol. I've always loved the stories behind these great knives and the people who wielded them. As Thorin stated..there are some good articles on the net with a lot of info...so check 'em out.

While touring England one summer...i came across a WW1 Indian Khukri for L10 and loved it ever since! As for the ones on this website....

Agreeing with Thorin, i can only judge by the pictures (lol), but they do seem like very nice blades indeed! Great curves with a good finish. As for the "kolkata steel"...this could mean quite a few things, so be carefull. As far as my research goes...most steels found in India/Nepal/Pakistan are not the best quality...so it all depends on how well each blade is forged... which, as i'm sure we all know, is hard to tell by pictures alone. As for the price...it seems decent. I've had friends pick up Khukri's at flea markets in Nepal for about $10...upto special ordering them from a custom smith in India/Nepal for roughly $500. I also really like the wide selection of different designs they offer! From traditional, to decorative, to even letteropeners! lol

Hope this helps...
Please keep us updated!

05-24-2006, 11:59 PM
Wow! Great detail there! Welcome to the forums as well and thanks for the information. Unfortunately, as am.dk already stated... being outside of Europe, I won't be able to order one. Hopefully in the future though as they look like great!

Let us know how your experience with this company goes am.dk.


05-25-2006, 11:17 AM
Most interesting. First, thanks for the offer to try and get those blades overseas for us :) I really do appreciate it. Although, like am.dk stated, I too would share some skepticism with a transaction of that kind. No harm done :)

Great knife! There are a lot of different styles out there too! I guess thats one of the reasons why I love this kind of knife. Thanks for talking to the company for us as well. Although a purchase like that many be in the distant future, I can surely say that in a year or more and if they begin to ship overseas, that I would make a purchse.

I think if they connected with a company that sells swords and knives in North America, they could ship knives to a single location and then out from there.

On a side note, I'd love to hear more about your job! It has always been something that interests me, going back to when I was a little kid too.

05-25-2006, 10:42 PM
this is not really on subject but here goes

i really have no idea why but for some reason i envisioned Beren's knife Angrist to look like a khukuri. *shrug*

05-26-2006, 08:45 PM
update on my first posting regarding the lack of coffee and cake to the customers : I sent the same message to them, just for fun. a few hours later they emailed me a voucher with McDonalds for a free cup of coffee and a free doughnut. I was flabergasted !!! I am sure they just did it to pull my chain.

What can I say.. They really want satisfied customers. Now I will go to McDonalds and enjoy my coffee and doughnut.

heh. that's pretty funny, but very nice of them.
all businesses should care about customers' satisfaction as much as they do.

05-29-2006, 12:27 PM
congratulations, am.dk, that's great news. i'm glad to know you're happy with yoyur new knife, and that we have another great place to get high-quality blades. as i said before, more businesses shoud take on an attitude like khukuri.dk when it comes to customer service. have fun with your knife.

05-29-2006, 12:42 PM
thanks ash_nazg ,year if evry costumer service was abel to do the same,we whould have nothing to worry about.it is clear that this is a collecter to not just a seller.

whot habent to your mc sting incident ?.did you manage to cler that up.

05-29-2006, 03:33 PM
right now i'm still waiting for the check to hit the bank account, but it doesnt look like my parents are going to stop me from buying sting. we'll see how it goes, thanks for asking.

05-30-2006, 10:21 PM
I have been too busy these past few days to check up on UCForums, and i am amazed just how much has gone on in this thread since i last checked it! lol

Thank you to Panawal and am.dk for taking the risk of trying out a new company, and thereby gaining, at your own risk, first hand information to any others here interested in puchasing from this company! Props to ya!

It is nice to hear that you both recommend this company, and even nicer to hear that it will now/soon be possible to purchase such items from Canada! I actually might end up getting one in a couple of years...lol.
So which khurkuri's do you two plan on buying next? ;)

06-01-2006, 12:26 AM
No problems here am.dk.

I too was curious and asked some of the same questions you did. No harm done. :)

Although perhaps it came across to us as trying to promote the company, Panawal was merely expressing the joy he got and excitement from the knives and the company. Certainly, I pretty much do the same for Albion Armourers. No harm done though :)

About advertising. Although in a sense, this is advertising, our rules are only for retailers who are selling products. I would consider khukri.dk a specialty store. They produce, manufactor, and sell their own items not items that they have bought through a vendor or from a company. Example... Albion and Atrim. Since they make their own products and don't sell United Cutlery or Cold Steel products, as an example, there is no real problem.

It's not a huge issue and hopefully I got my point across. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I know I do! There is one thing that I would really like to know about Khukri's in general. How do you use it. I know there is a specific form of combat and several different styles, but I've never seen one used in a video or otherwise. Anyone know about the fighting style?

06-01-2006, 04:28 PM
Hello thorin.

i am sure that if you contact the people at the kukri webshop you can get all the information you want. During my brief visit I saw a large poster with a picture of the owner of the store instructing students in a special martial arts form intended for kukri use.

Please notice that because of an agreement between me and the too often mentioned webshop I am no longer allowed to mention the store name or write a direct link unless I want to risk legal action.

Still considering whether I should leave this forum alone or not, I still want to emphasize that am more than happy with the products I have bought so far, and I haven't bought the last one. The company is extremely helpful (and I am sure that am.dk will agree on that).

Now I will avoid contacting the webshop for a few weeks and hope they find it within the realm of possibility to forgive me telling everyone that they have really good products. For sure this is the last time I have spread the word about that company without beeing paid in cash or goods (drool)

am.dk : You mentioned a knife used by special forces. what kind is that ? I didn't notice other than the Iraq model and the Marshall model.

A good day to you all.

Panawal, in a sorry state of misery...going offline for tonight.