View Full Version : Whats Your Favourite Monster?

10-31-2005, 09:45 AM
We all have a favourite monster, whether it be frankenstein's monster, dracula, werewolves, etc. Tell me what your favourite monster is... and why!

I'd have to say The Headless Horseman. Running around at night, on a horse no doubt, haunting the village. I haven't actually seen Sleepy Hollow though, I should do that sometime.

Anduril 101
10-31-2005, 09:57 AM
Favorite: The Wolfman- I like how he is really a good person, but can't control the monster inside of him.

Scariest: Gremlins! Heck, those things kept me awake at night for years after seeing it! The darn lady gremlin from Gremlins 2 was the worst :eek:

Jason GSux
10-31-2005, 10:23 AM
The scariest crap I've ever seen is that doodie-looking E.T. I hate it, it's repulsive, and it truly disturbs me whenever I see it's picture. Not to mention when I see it on TV.

However, my favourite, my all-time no.1 monster is Queen Alien from Aliens. Why? I guess because of it's design. A masterpiece of modern fiction.

James Cameron and Stan Winston -> :applause: :applause: :applause:

10-31-2005, 11:20 AM
The Creature from the Black Lagoon or Dracula. The Creature because it was (and is) such an original concept. Also, the first black lagoon movie had an environmental moral which is pretty remarkable considering the film was made way back in 1954. I think Dracula has stood the test of time. He's still a creepy guy, but you also kinda sympathize with the character because he just can't help doing what he does lol. Countless movies have been made that feature the good count, but I still think the 1931 B&W movie with Bela Lugosi is the best one. So yeah, I like the old school monsters!

Gondor Avenger
10-31-2005, 11:28 AM
Vampires are my favourites...

10-31-2005, 01:59 PM
I cannot say they are my "favourite" monsters but there's a lot of real ones : Adolph H, Oussama BL, Julius C, Saddam H, Joseph Sta., .... but we have had so many real monsters during the human history ... this list would never be exhaustive.

well, now the movie monsters : Sauron ; Pinhead ; Leatherface ; Nemesis from Resident Evil II (no, in fact it's a joke, this is the worst monster ever made) ; Hannibal Lecter ; Evil Ash (from Army of Darkness) ; the mermaid from She Creature ; aliens from the Alien saga ; etc, etc, etc ........

10-31-2005, 02:15 PM
well my favorite would be the vampires i would have to say.

10-31-2005, 04:00 PM
Werewolves. They rule.

Grey Pilgrim
10-31-2005, 06:37 PM
Polyphemus......I'm serious.:thumbsup:

The Flame of the West
10-31-2005, 07:08 PM
Favourite monster? The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Why? Because he likes cookies, and so do I.

Grima Wormtongue
11-01-2005, 03:04 AM
Scariest Monster= Richard Simmons

Okay, maybe not. Though I agree with thorin, the headless horsemen has always appealed to me. I even went as him one year for Halloween (though, my costume wasn't nearly as good as Jason GSux headless horsemen in the costume thread). I like the horsemen legend because theres a good story behind it (in the Tim Burton film it explains how the horsemen became headless), as well, it is one of the few monsters that carries a sword:)

Foe Hammer
11-01-2005, 08:21 PM
It has to be . . . Flying Monkeys! (http://www.retrocrush.com/100monsters/94.html) :eek: