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Gūd Daedheloth
09-08-2004, 06:23 PM
Do you think the Museum Collection should only contain a certain number of swords? I'm not talking about 5000 of each, just the number of different swords that should be in the line.
I think there should only be three swords in the line: Sting, Glamdring, and Andśril. This is, after all, called a "Museum" and not a "Most Usable" Collection. These should be the swords that are most central to the story and its main characters. These three are definitely the ones that fit the bill. The Shards could be a possibility, but Andśril is really the version that identifies with Aragorn and the trilogy the most.

Grima Wormtongue
09-08-2004, 06:35 PM
Yes, United should not make them all because it will be crazy. All might not sell. Though, i can think of a few more popular ones to add on your list (ranger sword, narsil) i think that united shouldnt do knives, just because most the knives could be used, but not in battle. Aswell, most of the evil weapons do not sell well, so i dont think united should do those.

Though i wouldnt mind seeing one evil knife, Grimas dagger:D

Anyways, United should only make the most popular line from ther collection...

Sir Tristram
09-08-2004, 07:21 PM

And limited them too! Why not? At this point? Go for it!

Limit them accordingly though....

For instance:

MC Sting - 9500
MC Anduril - 7500 to 9500
MC Glamdring - 7500
MC Shards of Narsil - 7500
MC Strider's Ranger - 5000
MC Witchking - 5000
MC Herugrim - 5000
MC Boromir - 7500
MC LFK - 7500
MC Striders Knife - 5000
MC Ringwraith - 3500
etc. so on and so forth...

Something like that...You know? Any thing will sell if you limit it!
Say for instance the Ringwraith sword....which is not one of the more popular ones was the most limited sword of the lot? It all of a sudden would becoem the hottest piece in someone's collection....People are fickle sometimes and it isn't always about quality....Look at Toy Biz'z Twilight Frodo fiasco...A little clear figure with nothing on him but one little gold ring....the only color on him....It became the most sought after figure in the line....then they released more and more and more...and when I used to see them go for well over $100.....they now go for $5.33 (I actually saw one end for that last night on the unpopularly, infamous auction site)

Make enough, where the hardcores will get their fill before the nasty the unpopularly, infamous auction site- dealing guagers...There are most likely going to be more expensive and they are going to be sword that are already released in the stainless line, therefore greatly reducing the demand and interest (by sales, not by desire)

I even think those numbers sound bit high, actually!
I think there is no doubt that they will sell all of them if they limit the pieces to a reasonable number.

I digress....To the original question though....
(As I realized after writing this opus that you asked about number of blades in the collection not limited edition number per blade!)

I say make as many of possible without cutting too deeply into the stainless line!
(i.e. - without ruining chances for more obscure sowrds, such as Denethor's or Merry and Pippen's swords...)

Someone will always buy them....If UC can handle making EVEYTHING all over again in the MC line? I say go for it! Only they know how much they can handle, if New Line renews their license for another (number) of years, then go for it! It is only more profit! And I will go out on a limb hear and say...Guaranteed profit! If they limit the number of blades per sword (lt. ed. numbers) then they will sell all that they make. Period.

$0.02 more cents....
(Actually that felt more like $0.04!)

09-09-2004, 09:07 AM
I think they will indeed be limited, probably to the more popular swords. They will also, doubtless be limited in number, and, as a corrollary to that, I expect them to make ones that do not already have a limited edition for first... I.e. Sting and Glamdring as the first two, with Anduril coming a lot later on (especially after the complaints they got about making an unlimited Anduril from the limited owners...)

Anduril 101
09-09-2004, 02:46 PM
Sir Tristram, don't metion any sites on the boards, its the rule. You should edit it out.

Aragorn Elessar
09-09-2004, 08:20 PM
I think what's not allowed are retailers and auction sites. ToyBiz and the like are manufactureres, not retailers... however right now I'm not so sure about Master Replicas and Noble Collection, since they sell their own stuff as well as through other retailers... (might have to delete that later)... and we're going off topic here :)

Well, I don't think even without purposefully limiting the MC line UC will really make an MC version of all the stainless line's pieces. Don't think there'll be enough interests and customers and it'll take too much resources for UC to do that. Right now I can only see UC making the MOST significant and famous swords, such as Anduril, Glamdring, Sting, and the like.

Sir Tristram
09-09-2004, 10:29 PM
Yeah, I think those are the top three also and a good start to this line...

I don't think UC had any idea that they would have produced all that they have already or that they would be planning and producing anywhere near the amount that they are currently planning....
This was a run-away success and the line took off from the initial few swords...
It is still a possibility with the MC line, But as much as I want all the swords in the MC as possible, I think you are right and only a few will be ultimately produced in that line!

We never can tell though!
It IS LOTR and there ARE some CRAZY collectors out there...(Myself definitely included;) )

Gūd Daedheloth
09-11-2004, 11:06 PM
Sir Tristram, your posts were getting really annoying. Rules are the rules, so just read and obey them, please.

Edit: Never mind; problem solved.

09-11-2004, 11:24 PM
Hey look.. 3 posts vanished! Huh, wonder where they went... Sir Tristam, please watch the sarcasim... i am not as nice about it as some other Mods are:)

Sir Tristram
09-12-2004, 01:20 AM
Hey look.. 3 posts vanished! Huh, wonder where they went... Sir Tristam, please watch the sarcasim... i am not as nice about it as some other Mods are:)I don't recall which ones they were. I'm Sorry.
I'm not used to Boards like this...There's usually a more diverse sense of humor and free speech.

As far as "annoying", I'm just talking and reacting to some posts I found annoying and argumentative.
Everyone seems to be processing things differently here.
I can't remember which posts got highjacked, but I'll curb the vendor talk if that what it was...

Oh wait...Was it the *cough* thing?
If it was....You're kidding me?!
Oh brother...I was responding to the 'sarcastic' remark prior to mine...But my god, guys..."Rules are rules"? Fine...The vendor talk....Like I said, Done! Gone!
But sarcastic remarks?
That was hardly hurtful to anyone and if it was, I apologize.

Sir Tristram
09-12-2004, 01:29 AM
Hold on...
I just went back and checked the posts that I thought might be the imfamous 'Sarcastic' ones and they're still there!
Can you tell what I said that ticked you two off? :confused:
I serisously don't recall what I wrote in this thread that was so offensive!

09-12-2004, 09:28 AM
I agree with everyone in that they should only make the popular swords. I wouldn't mind seeing the Witchkings sword come out. I love that sword so very much! Anduril will be a hot seller for sure. I'm considering saving up for just one... depending on prices. :S

UC will have to limit these. I hope something around 5000, but it could be a lot less.

09-22-2004, 10:04 AM
I think they'll make Glamdring, Sting, and Andśril. Other likely candidates include the ranger sword, the witchking sword, gimli's axe, and Theoden's sword.

09-22-2004, 12:26 PM
Hold on...
I just went back and checked the posts that I thought might be the imfamous 'Sarcastic' ones and they're still there!
Can you tell what I said that ticked you two off? :confused:
I serisously don't recall what I wrote in this thread that was so offensive!
You are going off-topic. Please PM JustinTD about this matter.

Gūd Daedheloth
09-22-2004, 06:07 PM
Thanks, Eothrandir.

Anyway, I still think the MC should only include the few most popular and relevant swords. This will really help keep it unique and set apart from the normal line.

09-23-2004, 09:10 PM
Only the most popular will sell well, although one thing I know as a fact is that the Witch King's sword, Gimli's double-headed axe, and the Elven Warrior sword would provide three awesome weapons, no matter how well they're liked?


Witch King's sword... Well, it's long, and the antiqued look, along with the functional value, would make it great for reeactment, etc... It's also about the best bad-guy sword there is, and they need to make at least one of those!

Gimli's Axe- Who wouldn't want a functional Lord of the Rings axe? I guarentee you I'd use mine just like any of my other weapons, limited or not. An axe, the only basic weapon of ancient times that is still useful, would be wonderful for hardcore enthusiasts! Especially one of Gimli's!

Elven Warrior sword? Well, anyone ever bother using their katana for cutting, or even get into the study of cutting? These suckers are Kat's on stilts, and fully-functional versions would be bought by anyone with enough dough that is interested in collecting/using functional Kat's and loves Lord of the Rings, just to experience the differences, and maybe even adopt ideas for later custom projects. (I've already seen a fully-functional Katana at about the $2,000 mark custom made to look somewhat like the EWS, it's truly an awesome piece, even if it does differ greatly from the real one, and it's cutting power is exceptional! Heard of a couple other similar blades in sword enthusiast circles too...)

Those three products would easily all make my heart melt, and all have things they can offer to the Lord of the Rings functional Museum Collection many other blades couldn't, except for stuff like "Oh, it was my favorite character's weapon!"

Bah on that, methinks..!


10-03-2004, 08:37 AM
I am big time against them limiting the number of each of the "Museum Collection" swords they're going to make. All that'll do is help people on (Please do not mention any evil auction sites) make money on them. It's insane what their selling copies of the limited edition Anduril for on there! They should make as many of them as they can sell. That way those who want them will be able to get them at reasonable prices.

I think they'll limit the "Museum Collection" to the most popular swords. That way they know they'll sell. I personally can't wait to get a carbon steel copy of Anduril or Glamdring. I'm not as excited about getting a carbon steel version of Sting (though I'll still buy it). In my opinion, Anduril and Glamdring are far more impressive blades then Sting.

Price wise, the "Museum Collection" will obviously be more expensive then the stainless steel versions. Still, I hope the price stays somewhat reasonable. I remember checking into getting a carbon steel version of an almost copy of Glamdring made by a custom sword maker and he wanted $1,600!!!!!! I about gagged. If the carbon steel versions are up in that price range, I'll have to pass. I think other folks (though I could be wrong) will have to take a pass also if they're (Anduril/Glamdring) in the $1,500 range.

Gūd Daedheloth
10-05-2004, 09:46 PM
I think UC does realize the price range problem. I'm sure they'll keep it to a reasonable amount.

I still think they should contain the line to the main three blades. To go to obscure and less visible items would totally defeat the purpose and spirit of a "museum" line, if you get my meaning.