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  1. One of a kind sword
  2. FS LOTR swors and Kit Rae sword
  3. Might find something you want....
  4. Wanted: UC 1424 Sting museum collection
  5. Two Original Museum Replicas swords
  6. The 14th Century sword--
  7. UK seller: United Cutlery LOTR swords
  8. Lotr banners only 100 ex
  9. Witchking Helm #1
  10. Wanted: KOH Sword & Scabbard of Ibelin
  11. ANDURIL Limited Edition
  12. United Cutlery: Limited Edition Gauntlet of Sauron
  13. Danbury Mint.
  14. Museum edition Glamdring sword.
  15. Wanted - Shards of Narsil
  16. Wanted - Strider Scabbard Sword Belt
  17. Uc lotr sword collection for sale . Bargains .
  18. Wanted: Strider's Ranger Sword Scabbard
  19. FS: Marto Katana and wakizashi
  20. Shards of Narsil for Sale
  21. For Sale: Lots of UC LotR Stuff... And more...
  22. Wtb: Urgent....help ...............
  23. My Star Trek Collections must see pics inside
  24. Looking for advice
  25. Whole stunning collection for sale.
  26. Looking To Buying a Helm of Isildur
  27. Anduril belt wanted please UK
  28. Wtb toybiz lotr figures
  29. Sting belt by BBB
  30. Marto Duncan Highlander Sword
  31. Todd McFarlane exclusive statues & action figures
  32. Uc lotr swords going on ebay
  33. UC1278 - Ringwraith Sword - 1st Run
  34. UC LE Shards of Narsil sword for sale!
  35. Wanted: Original Ivory Katana Marto
  36. HUGE collection of "Lord of the Rings" Toybiz FS
  37. Wanted: KOH Tiberias Scabbard - $350
  38. Sadly, my One Ring...
  39. Pricing ect...
  40. FS: RARE Davis-Anderson Aragorn Ranger Coat
  41. WTB Museum Collection Sting
  42. WTB Shards of Narsil
  43. WTS Conan Atlantean Scabbard (Mint)
  44. WTB LOTR UC Strider Scabbard or Sword and Scabbard.
  45. WTB Battle Axe of Gimli
  46. Dark Shadow wants to trade only UC.
  47. Wtb glamdring mc.
  48. WTB High elven warrior sword.
  49. Isildur Helm
  50. Museum Glamdring
  51. WTB "any UC LOTR Weapon
  52. Wanted!!! Uc elven knife of strider!
  53. Various LOTR Items
  54. Wtb statue's.& bustes & crown.
  55. Decided to let go of some items.
  56. Second age Gondorian shield.
  57. Walking axe of Gimli.
  58. Lord of the Rings U.C. Entire NEW! collection Swords, knifes, Helmets, Shields
  59. Kropserkel armor 4 sale, maybe
  60. Boromir sword.
  61. Wanted lothlorien or mirkwood bow.
  62. Selling Conan Collection
  63. WTB:Anduril Limited Edition.
  64. Who has the strider scabbard by uc for sale?
  65. If anyone is looking for the high elven shield or gimli helm im selling!
  66. LOTR collection for sale.
  67. Does anyone have pictures of the saruman staff wall mount?
  68. WTB Anduril Scabbard
  69. WTB Elven Knife of Strider [EU]
  70. WTB Noble Collection Gandalf Staff
  71. WTB The Cave Troll LSB.
  72. Wanted: Final Pieces for the collection
  73. Final Decision,all for sale.
  74. LOTR Legolas Lothlorien Bow & Aeglos
  75. Buy UC1382 High Elven War Helm!
  76. $1500 offer for NC gandalf the grey staff!!
  77. Noble Collection Staff of Gandalf Journey
  78. Any Titanic Fans here?
  79. Anyone selling UC helms? I wanna buy!
  80. Selling Sauron Helm on Ebay
  81. Sword of strider scabbard and Anduril for sale
  82. Swap New UC Strider Scabbard & Anduril Scabbard For A MC Glamdring Display Case & COA
  83. WTB: UC Sword of Isildur
  84. UC Glamdring & Sting.
  85. The Price is Right!
  86. Unboxed UC Anduril Scabbard With COA For Sale
  87. [EU] Moving sale Sideshow & ARH Statues
  88. Some statue's for sale.
  89. Kili's Bracers
  90. T2 Rosebox Shotgun.
  91. United Cutlery UC1383 mint Elendil Helm - auction starting at 1 EUR - EUROPE ONLY
  92. EUROPE ONLY- 1 EUR AUCTIONS for URUK Berserker PF, UC Gimli Helm 1:1 UC1384...
  93. Need Wood Display Plaque for the UC Gimli Walking Axe
  94. WTB Gondorian helm
  95. Rare Sideshow/Weta LOTR Collection for Sale
  96. WTB UC dagger of the Withking
  97. WTB: Ip man from Enterbay.
  98. WTB: Bruce Lee Premium Format Sideshow.
  99. Wtb noble collection fellowship
  100. Glamdring Museum Collection UC1425 Artist Proof
  101. End of the Age- Selling Collection
  102. WTB: Gauntlet of Sauron
  103. Stuff on ebay listed 7-11
  104. The End of An ERA - My Entire Collection For Sale
  105. HELP! I Lost My Legolas Fighting Knives COA
  106. Possibly The Worlds Greatest Collection!
  107. Metal Witch King Helm
  108. FS: TTT Shire salt box's V 1.0 and 2.0!
  109. SS Ringwraith on Steed.
  110. United cutlery items left
  111. 10kt One Ring for sale
  112. United cutlery shards for sale again!!!!!
  113. Fabric Hauberk with Coif