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  1. Sideshow to do 1/4 scale Sauron Helm
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  3. Sideshow's Morgul Lord
  4. Sideshow to do 1/6 scale Sauron Mace
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  8. Lord of all Horses
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  10. 1/4 Scale Helm of Sauron is being shipped
  11. King Elessar Mini Crown is on its way
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  14. Weathertop Environment
  15. Unreleased Prototypes for your viewing pleasure!
  16. Amon Hen environment is shipping
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  19. The Army of the Dead
  20. Sideshow takes a second crack at LOTR
  21. Aragorn at the Black Gates
  22. Mumak of Harad.
  23. Questions
  24. 12'' Figures
  25. "Battle Above the Black Gate" Diorama
  26. Statues blues
  27. Battle of the Last Alliance - Sauron vs The Numenorean Army
  28. *Jaw Drop*
  29. WSS Helm of Theoden
  30. Black Orc PF
  31. New Gandalf statue
  32. The Old Republic 1:6 scale figures