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  1. My own Fellowship
  2. Your Lord of the Rings treasures
  3. LOTR Music
  4. Toy Biz Action Figures
  5. Any ideas what will be appearing in the extended edition of Return of the King
  6. Orcrist
  7. The Little Details
  8. Decided to have fun
  9. Guess where I went...
  10. Items to display amongst your United Cutlery swords.
  11. LOTR Plate & Sword set
  12. Has anyone seen...
  13. Widescreen AND Fullscreen EE's???
  14. Awesome Backgrounds
  15. Help!
  16. Actual weapon movie props
  17. Dreams with our LOTR swords
  18. Middle Earth Online
  19. LotR Concert!!!
  20. Holy Smokes!! Guys, Guys!!!
  21. Value Saurons Helmet or Gauntlet
  22. Movie changes vs. Books
  23. A question for those who'd loved the books before the movies were made
  24. Lord of the Rings Objects for The Sims game.
  25. Oscars
  26. ROTK EE Release Date Announced
  27. The Concert of a Lifetime
  28. My halloween costume...
  29. Note on Action Figure & Toys Section
  30. Big Decision
  31. Updated Pics of my Collection...
  32. One ring or UL Anduril?
  33. Gimli vs Legolas
  34. LOTR Exibition, Boston, MA Anybody Going?
  35. I'm off to Boston!
  36. The Mouth is finally seen
  37. ROTK EE DVD to come with Minas Tiriath
  38. Extended trilogy box
  39. New LOTR plate set
  40. Lotr musical
  41. Finally, I went!!!
  42. Master Replica's Sting
  43. A cool site
  44. I've returned from the Boston exhibit....
  45. Picture Request (Please Help !!)
  46. Sauron One Ring review and pictures!
  47. Final North America visits of LOTR exhibit
  48. Pure Middle-Earth discussion.
  49. LOTR EE soundtrack
  50. Favorite scene or quote
  51. Middle-earth Limericks - Keep 'em CLEAN!
  52. Ian McKellen's website
  53. Therapy
  54. Danbury Mint Barad-dur
  55. NECA Releases 20" Gandalf Summer 2005
  56. What does Gimli say in this scene?
  57. NC's Phial of Galadriel
  58. Narsil makes it to Narnia
  59. Gil Galad
  60. Your futre LOTR arms and armour collection
  61. Crying
  62. Holy crap!
  63. Gandalf's Pipe
  64. Éowyn's Sword is Not Green!
  65. moria orc armour
  66. Autographs
  67. Argonath/Minas Tirith statue- Photoshopped
  69. The LOTR Exhibition
  70. LOTR Museum Exhibit Report
  71. LOTR Symphony Schedule
  72. Witch king flail display
  73. I'm getting the Ring of Barahir!!
  74. The Hobbit
  75. leaf brooch
  76. Extended Extended Edition?
  77. how many ppl survived helms deep?
  78. NN9875 The King of Men Ring
  79. Ring of Barahir pics
  80. Looking For a Good Place To Buy Arwen's Coronation Banner
  81. Most Powerful Culture of Men in Middle Earth
  82. **********s in Minas Tirith!!! holy crap!!!
  83. Fun flash movie LOTR
  84. NECA's Balrog Figure! Whos gettin one??
  85. Concerning Thak
  86. ash_nazg4321's collection of LotR art
  87. Lord of the Rings inspired armour...
  88. Check This Out!! Pew Armour!!
  89. Virtual Minas Tirith
  90. Alan Lee Book Signing Itinerary
  91. Danbury Mint Minas Tirith
  92. full nazgul armor, holy crap
  93. Toynami Cinemaquette Aragorn
  94. Edoras Throne Room Banner
  95. At last...The Ring of Barahir (tons of pics)
  96. The One Ring (pics inside)
  97. Official Strider's Leather Duster
  98. Just ordered my own official "Magic Cloak" ;)
  99. Any leatherworker in the room?
  100. Silver One Ring, anyone seen/have it?
  101. Toast Tolkien on his birthday, January 3
  102. Sideshow 12" action figures
  103. Unofficial Bilbo & Frodo Mithril Shirt PROJECT
  104. "Ringers: Lord of the Fans"
  105. Beren & Luthien carved bed
  106. The Witch-King of Angmar Custom Gauntlets
  107. Saul Zaentz (LoTR producer) interview
  108. My Trip To Middle-earth
  109. Frodo's Restaurant (!)
  110. TBS commercials for LOTR
  111. LOTR Exhibit showing in NZ--better than ever!
  112. Howard Shore's influences?
  113. No LOTR ornament from Hallmark this year
  114. Aragorn's Crown?
  115. Fan-film LOTR prequel
  116. The Witchking's Mace
  117. RIP Tim Hildebrandt
  118. New LOTR dvds
  119. New Morgul Lord bust from Sideshow
  120. LOTR Display
  121. Signed Silmarillion on ebay
  122. Chess Set
  123. Sir Ian in the raw
  124. What is the best LOTR sword/blade made in the United Cutlery Line up?
  125. A real Silmaril!?
  126. Sting Sword
  127. How would you like to live in this house?
  128. shards of narsil
  129. LOTR Tradeable Miniatures Game
  130. LOTR bloopers on TORn
  131. Noble Sword of King THeoden
  132. "Battle Above the Black Gate"
  133. Uruk-Hai Shield
  134. repairing swords
  135. The Rise of The witcking movie
  136. TV Version vs. Extended Edition
  137. They're building the Dark Tower in my city
  138. LOTR coming on BluRay
  139. Gandalf's staff broken
  140. Design Similarities in TLotR Film
  141. Finally got it!
  142. Building your own hobbit-hole
  143. Lord of the Rings Conquest
  144. Matchstick Minas Tirith
  145. "The Hunt for Gollum" Movie released!!! Watch it now!
  146. The One Ring
  147. More on Tolkien lit.
  148. Born Of Hope
  149. What race do you most associate yourself with?
  150. New Star Wars or LOTR Midi Files
  151. Question about The Two Towers Soundtrack
  152. LOTR Midi File Request
  153. Missing Scene in Fellowship of the Ring
  154. Did you guys ever see the mini hobbit hole??
  155. Tolkien Podcast
  156. Isildur's Account
  157. Doug Adams' book on Shore's LOTR scores is FINALLY at hand!
  158. New Zealand Rally's for The Hobbit
  159. if you could have an lotr game the way you wanted it
  160. Gondorian Army - Ranks & Armor
  161. Tolkien to be played in a movie?
  162. Third Age Maps
  163. Walking to Mordor
  164. LOTR Flags and Banners
  165. ORCRIST: U-Build-It
  166. Glittering Caves
  167. Tolkien Society emblem?
  168. Phial of Galadriel
  169. Polish your helmet
  170. Countdown There and back again.
  171. The Lord of the Rings Elves ****
  172. Lordoftherings.net images?
  173. Middle Earth March Madness!
  174. Beowulf
  175. Escape to Middle Earth
  176. The Meaning Behind The Lord of the Rings
  177. Matchstick Minas Tirith
  178. Rankin/Bass Middle-earth animated flicks coming nto DVD
  179. The Elfstone